Spain 2017

SPAIN 2017

Come and live Spain!

Language and immersion programmes in Spain. Combine a homestay with a cultural visit to Madrid, Barcelona or other cities. We can organise your stay to suit your needs and budget.





Valladolid has a population of some 300,000 inhabitants and an average temperature of 26 degrees during the day in July. The city is situated at the confluence of the Pisuerga and Esgueva rivers, 200km and just 45 minutes North of Madrid by High Speed Train.


in 1469 it became as the capital of the Kingdom of Castile and later of united Spain. Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid in 1506, while authors Francisco de Quevedo and Miguel de Cervantes lived and worked in the city. The city was briefly the capital of Habsburg Spain under Phillip III between 1601 and 1606.


The city has numerous cultural, recreational and social options and offers a safe environment for incoming students, with good urban transit services, an open, welcoming attitude to visitors and our organisation is fully supported by the Tourism Department of City Hall. It is said that Valladolid has the best spoken Spanish in Spain and the locals are proud to help language learners improve and practice during their stay here.



















ACCOMMODATION: Spanish host families. All families are screened for approval before joining the programme and whilst they may not all live in the city, they must be no more than 40 minutes away from the teaching centre, using public transport. All will have children of similar ages to our visiting group and we encourage the Spanish host brothers and sisters to join in and take part in all the activities we organise. The families will offer assistance to visiting students to help them enjoy the visit and will offer full board and life as part of the family, with a 24 hour helpline, in case of any doubts. Rooms may be single, or shared with the host brother or sister. Visiting students are expected and encouraged to join in family life and to practice their Spanish as much as possible. Students will be provided with a local travel card and are not expected to pay anything during their stay, as all activities, meals, entrance fees, transfers and so on, are covered.


CLASSES: Every morning from 9:30 and 13:30 (different levels, max. 15 per class). Classes will be given by qualified teachers of Spanish and groups will be split into different levels on arrival.


VALLADOLID: Community work, cultural immersion and leisure activities. Apart from language classes, we encourage students to immerse themselves in the traditions and culture of the city and the region. We are proud to work with local children and offer them the chance to practice English with our American students during the community work sessions. During these sessions, we will organise activities and materials, but the onus is on the students themselves to take part, supervise and encourage the children to join in.


VISITS AND ACTIVITIES: All entrance tickets and fees are included in the programme price. Transport within the city will be on public transport and any activities which include travelling outside the city will be by chartered bus, exclusively for our use. All activities and excursiones will be accompanied by at least 2 of our own staff and may include fieldwork, where students are set tasks to complete by their teacher.


12 students


1 free per 15 paying students


Year round


Transfers to and from Madrid airport

10 nights family homestay

4 nights full board residential accommodation in Madrid

Spanish classes - Monday to Friday

Afternoon activities everyday except Sunday

1 full day excursion per week

All entrance fees

All meals




C/Macías Picavea, 16 - 3º


47003, Valladolid




983 307 307